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Snack Tree

Sensational Snacks™

About Us

We are a family run company based in East Peckham, Kent, our home a 2,500 sq ft facility. We offer a sensational range of snack products which includes dried fruit, nuts both natural and flavoured, spicy snacks and our own branded range of chocolate and yogurt covered centres, Yoglates.

What makes you different you ask ?

Our extensive range.  Over 70 products with more arriving every month that passes, sourced from only the best suppliers from around the world. 

Our specially designed snacking carton.  This air tight, re-sealable, re-useable (great for kids pack-lunches), recyclable transparent pack is the envy of the industry. Open and close it as many times as you like, take it with you, it stays shut and the snack stays fresh. No more ripped packets or nuts in the bottom of your bag, this is the only ‘real’ snacking alternative.

Our Value for your money and great service.  Value doesn’t have to mean cheap.  Compared to other suppliers of snacks we think you’ll be really pleased.  Great tasting products in quantities that will make your eyes bulge.  Order 3 sensational snacks and wait for it to drop on your doormat in our postbox, all for a delivery cost of just £1.90p.  Order more and you might want to get your snacks delivered to work.

Our Website and Information.  Full of nutritional information and healthy tips to help you make a well informed choice when selecting snacks to try, as well as some plain old yummy ingredients.